The story of how I lost my mind

Most people don’t believe they will ever go crazy. And that’s because most people don’t go crazy. In fact, a majority of us reserve the term ‘crazy’ for people we care not to associate with. We distance ourselves from crazy people. We dehumanise them. A ‘crazy person’ is out of control, unpredictable and sometimes even scary. They’re weird. They say strange things and engage in bizarre behaviour. We’ve all seen someone in public behaving oddly, shouting incoherently at passers-by or talking to themselves. In the past, my feelings towards these people have been a mixture of concern, fear, and curiosity…

Violet S. Greenan

Hi, I'm Violet! In 2020, I was sectioned and spent 2 months in psychiatric hospitals with psychosis. I'd like to share my mental health journey with you.

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